The closing ceremony of HSN Malaysia Fitpossible hosted by BiiB in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports

Changing the face of corporate fitness

Malaysians like to run. That's evident with the blooming of running events in the past few years. But that doesn't mean that the sedentary lifestyle is dead here, with only few companies taking active steps towards active lifestyles in the workplace.

But what if you can entice people to move? That's the notion behind BiiB's app-based platform, which aims to gamify running and walking activities. In just two years, it has organised various virtual events from running challenges to calorie-burn events, catering to over 16,000 runners in the country.

Following its success in organising public events, BiiB recently ventured into corporate fitness programmes. Through the use of various fun concepts and interactive challenges between departments, offices or even between bosses and staff, its programes can be as cheap as 40 sen per day per participant.

An example of a programme would be forming teams in different departments and have them compete to see who can run 5km over the weekend, or pit employees against bosses.

The events can go pretty big in scale - one of BiiB's biggest corporate programmes was designed specifically for an oil & gas company, linking 800 active participants across three regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Being a Cradle-funded Malaysian start-up, BiiB is in the midst of launching a challenge for start-ups, investors and corporates.

"We believe sport is a platform to connect, we are excited to see start-ups raise funds from investors they met in the challenge or collaborate with other companies they competed with," says Tan Sheyong, co-founder of BiiB.

The unique event will see a combination of a virtual event and an actual offline race event. FocusM