The Best Integrated Township In Klang

With the ever-changing lifestyle in these modern times, the place we call home more often defines our identity and acts as a portrayal of our lifestyle. It serves as a place of rest and recreation, which should be in balance with our environment.

It is with this understanding that has become the source of inspiration behind this 448 acres township that we know now as Bandar Bestari. The development get it names as the words inspired thoughts of getting all the facilities at "One Place" which fitting description of the setting at these residences.

On the living front, there are a multitude of residential options and layouts to choose from, each meant to cater to the tastes of today's ambitious up and comers. The types of properties available at Bandar Bestari are Semi-Detached and cluster homes as well as service apartments.

As to-date, the township feature over 8,000 residential and commercial units when completed, with a projected resident population of 14,000. As today, 426 units have been delivered, with about 90% of these handed over for an estimated current population of more than 1,390.

A Choice Of Premium Homes

Our best kept hidden gems are yours to discover. Built for the homeowners who seeking a life of fulfillment, modern convenient and purpose, KSL Bandar Bestari is all about fulfilling dreams living area that in balance with the environment and ever-changing lifestyle in these modern era.

Last remaining Freehold Township in Southern Klang

Freehold properties still command a premium in the market and KSL Bandar Bestari is one of the hidden gems. With the philosophy of getting everything within a short drive, and walking distance, Bandar Bestari is definitely one of the best options as it is close to commercial city, public transport, and excellent highways to KSL Esplanade Mall, commercial city, public transport, and excellent highways to major cities.

Natural Beauty

The main attraction of Bandar Bestari is the lush green scenery which taking around 52-acres from the whole development. The Blackwater River which connected to Sungai Langat is preserved in its naturally occurring state. Even with immediate access to the most modern and efficient amenities and road networks, residents will still be able to enjoy tranquil environment with garden & river right at their doorstep.

Modern Facilities

As the Bandar Bestari residence is located within the development. KSL is giving full access to all the surrounding facilities within this expansive 448-acres township. From Shopping Mall, to clubhouse and commercial city, residents can be assured of the very best within a short distance.

KSL Esplanade Mall - The Hidden Gems in Bandar Bestari

The immediate catchment area of Bandar Bestari stretches out on a 10km radius, and has a registered population of roughly 721,964. This excludes the sizeable working population in the area who reside elsewhere.

The population in the catchment area is expected to continue to grow due to the active residential development in the blossoming township of Southern Klang and its surrounding neighborhood especially when KSL Esplanade Mall is ready. Slated for completion by year end of 2020, the shopping mall is expected to locate Bandar Bestari on the path to be the fastest-growing all-in-one hub in the Klang Valley.

Another special feature in Bandar Bestari is KSL Avenue. It consists of a tenant mix of fast food restaurants, convenient stores, pharmacies, and 20 other brands which are not commonly available in most shopping malls. Among the tenants are Mc Donalds, and Family Mart. It is the first stand-alone outlet in Klang Valley.

With all these features, Residents can expect to live and love the immense range of developments that set to rejuvenate the Klang area. This development allowing residents to take a lap of luxury in your very own neighbourhood.

Award Winning Developer

In over 35 years since its establishment, KSL Holdings Bhd has blossomed into one of the biggest property players in Malaysia.

Looking back at where it began, the Iskandar Development Region in Johor still remains as KSL's most reputable flagship development. This fully-integrated Township offers a vibrant retail experience coupled with the fashionable lifestyles of the growing communities. It boasts an array of exciting amenities such as the KSL City Mall, Johor's largest shopping mall and the KSL 5-star Resort Hotel made up of 1,000 elegantly-designed suites.

KSL now moves towards creating a rapidly-growing business of luxurious urban living, creativity, innovation, lifestyle and functionality by providing niche and exclusive end-products to buyers. With a penchant for building quality lifestyles and eco-friendly living environment for residents and investors alike, this creates a holistic community that will spur socioeconomic growth as a whole.

Another prestigious project by

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No. 2, Jalan Langat KS9, Bandar Bestari, 41200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: +603 3122 2999

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